Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How much does no no hair removal cost?

It costs around $300. I recommend to buy it from official website. It's the most safe way and it also gives you the warranty that you will receive the newest revision of no-no hair removal unit. You can also buy it from other places but you can receive an old model. And in my opinion the risk associated with this is not worth saving a few bucks. When comparing no no hair removal costs with other solutions we can conclude that this is one of the most cost effective long term hair removal solutions on the market.

Why are you reading this? You probably want to get rid of unwanted hair. Unwanted hair are a problem. Many man and a woman deal with it each day.

Many ways, methods and techniques are used to get rid of unwanted hair. The most popular method is shaving, but the downfall of it is it provides only a short time effects. Next popular method is used mostly by women to make legs silky and smooth. When I'm saying it you probably know about what am I talking. Waxing, some people like it and for some it's a kind of nightmare because it is painful. The are many less commonly used methods full example: hair removal creams, electrolysis, laser hair removal. The are also methods that can be used on very small areas. For example tweezing (sometimes called plucking).

If you're reading newspapers or watching television you probably saw the advertisement's or read articles about no no hair removal. The product exists on the market since a few years, it received many awards, and it's very well recognized on the market. Why? Because it works.

No No hair removal pink and silver

What is the main advantage of nono hair removal. It's better than alternative solutions because it provides long time results and an affordable cost. And it's not only about long term results. It also offers hair regrowth reduction, and the hair that will grow back will be thinner.

How to use this solution? The first step is to charge fully. Yes you heard correctly don't cheat on that you need to charge this device fully before proceeding further. It's important if you want to get the best results out of it. Hold it at 90° angle to the treated area, and move it with constant speed.

Why it works? The company that created no no hair removal invented a new technology called thermicon. In some ways it's similar to laser have removal. But the main difference is the medium used to remove hair. Laser hair removal uses light, no no hair removal is using heat.

Another great thing about no no hair removal is that it's absolutely painless (if you use it correctly). Don't stop, move the unit with constant speed over your skin. The only thing you should feel is a small heat and maybe sometimes slight tingling. The only thing I don't like about the nono is the smell it produces when removing hair. That's why I'm opening window when using it and I take shower after treatment.

To summarize let's compare how much does no no hair removal cost with laser hair removal cost. Keep in mind that a professional laser hair removal session costs around $100. to get satisfying results you need at least a few sessions. You also need to invest your time to go to beauty salon. No no hair removal is a lot more cost effective and time effective.

If you are ready to follow the instructions and use it regularly for at least two months then buying a nono is a good choice.